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Video Art

Covid Coordinates – Veronica Shimanovskaya

When I look at my sculpture every morning, and understand what I need to do next, it doesn’t mean that it will be done today or even tomorrow, because tomorrow a thought may trigger an afterthought that would make the previous one more clear or more actionable, or render it obsolete. What a luxury, I… Keep Reading

Complementary video and sound with L’Aubaine

I did an interview article thing last week with a person who has an interest in film and cinema and corresponding visual arts and the consequences of talking with that person was that I gained an elevated interest in those film pictures and all that visual stuff. The film interest remained bubbling around in my… Keep Reading

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Emerging from lockdowns with Emilie Newman

I came to writing this article about Émilie without really wanting to do an introduction first as I’d seen some of her work prior to this and I became so enthusiastic about it that I just thought I don’t really want to do an intro thing, I just want to get on with talking about… Keep Reading

Chapada Challenge – Paola de Ramos

I am from Brazil, from Curitiba, South Brazil. I have wanted to be an artist since I learnt the word “artist”, drawing and making things always was part of my childhood and my play. My mom and my aunts used to draw and paint in their free time, but just as a hobby, they didn’t… Keep Reading

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