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Ancient Civilisations, Aliens and the real identity of Abraham – An Interview with Gerald Clark

Have you ever thought about who created us and for what purpose?  TST spent a mesmerising evening interviewing explorer, author and researcher Gerald Clark, on the subject of our Human origins. In his two bestselling books, Anunnaki of Nibiru and 7th Planet Mercury Rising, Gerald explores how, approximately 450,000 years ago, King Anu of Planet Nibiru sent… Keep Reading

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Monkey Mind, Robot Body; the myth of AI

Debbie Elliott talked to The Sunday Tribune about her new book ‘Monkey Mind, Robot Body; the myth of AI’. Artificial intelligence is penetrating so many aspects of contemporary human life. From bionic implants to computer-enhanced brains, from robot assistants to new kinds of cyborgs AI is changing the way we live and think. Using science… Keep Reading

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