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Thee Others by Malik Crumpler

Which life is this? . “Some neither know nor care to glimpse what is temporal & what is permanent but either way, we meet again you knew we’d meet again, but which life is this? . Which life is this? “Some say It’s hell, some say It’s bliss some neither know nor care to glimpse… Keep Reading

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Song for a Seeker of Eden by David Leo Sirois

David Leo Sirois was born in Edmundston, New Brunswick, Canada, & grew up across the border in Madawaska, Maine. Poems have appeared in Those That This, THE BASTILLE, Belleville Park Pages, Two Words For, Paris Lit Up, & Terre à Ciel (which also published his translations of Paul Valéry, Adéline Baldacchino, & Déborah Heissler. Altogether,… Keep Reading

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Divine Frankensteins

Malik Ameer Crumpler is a poet, rapper, music producer & editor. He was guest-editor of Paris Lit Up. He’s editor-at-large for The Opiate & co-founder of Those That This.  He co-hosted Transatlantic Poetry 2017-2018 & curates/hosts Poets Live. Malik Ameer is the M.C. for Madison Washington on Def Pressé  & a nonfiction staff writer for Itchysilk.  Beneath The Underground is Malik’s new book &… Keep Reading

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