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The European School of Theosophy conference October 2019

Theosophy means ‘Divine Wisdom’, the word itself has been around since antiquity. Theosophy is a vast field covering religion, faith, philosophy, science, mythologies, the teachings of the Masters and more. It is an open platform for study and encourages new thought and analysis on its subjects, its motto being  ‘There is no religion higher than… Keep Reading

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Mankind has Fallen. The Rise of the Antichrist is at Hand

Since the dawn of mankind humanity has been striving to overcome death. Obsessed with the mysteries and creation of life, for thousands of years we have been searching for answers on how to achieve immortality and to become god-like. Now the mystery is solved. Sort of… In the year 2011 a Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov… Keep Reading

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Exclusive interview with Neuroscientist Dr Mossbridge. How to train your mind to foresee your own future?

If our life is predestined are we capable, as new scientific research shows, to train our mind to predict our future and even change it? There are many people all around the world with extrasensory perception who are having insight into future events. The scientific term for this psychic ability is precognition.  Precognitive ability can be… Keep Reading

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What is Theosophy and how to reach the higher level of consciousness?

Theosophy comes from the Greek words Theos (God) and Sophia (Wisdom) and means the study into religious philosophy and Divine Wisdom. This Divine wisdom of the Universe is the knowledge that has been known and thought about for centuries by many ancient cultures and philosophers around the world as they study the evolutionary process of how… Keep Reading

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