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The 12 Pillars of Light, Part 2

The sixth Yyotirling was activated in the forest where Mahakali liberated her devotee Daruka of her abusive husband. The anger of Mahakali was so intense that Shiva needed to appear before her in a child-like form of Batuk Bhairav to calm her down and thus saved the forest from destruction. That is why in that… Keep Reading

The 12 Pillars of Light

According to Indian history, there came a time when the demon mother Diti wanted revenge for the death of her sons, so she decided to destroy the balance of the universe between light and darkness. That way all the realms would become one and the same as the underground. The Gods turned for help to Shiva… Keep Reading

The ego is in a hurry because it knows its time is limited

The soul is patient because it knows it’s eternal.  We tend to become very negative when life is not going our desired way. As if the universe owes us something. What we need to realize is that every moment, every thought, every breath is a creation. The universe has your back, but you don’t know… Keep Reading

The language of Love

Love is universal, yes, but we all have our own language of love. It is unique for each one of us, but it can also be similar to another. Sometimes we want to make something fit, although it doesn’t. We do that out of love of course, but in reality real, unconditional love never wants… Keep Reading

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