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The Power of Poetry

In modern times poetry is not taken too seriously by the majority of people and has little affect on the general consciousness of society in general.   However in times gone by a much deeper significance was attached to it.  In fact the Theosophical Master KH , in  a letter dated 1881, writes that “a true… Keep Reading

Rakinewis – The Capestrano Warrior by Marc Woodward

His shroud was campion in May;a king’s cape of crocus in November.Curled olive roots held him in the afterlifelike the fingers of forgotten gods.For two and a half millennia blinking skies cycled over him –until a contadino’s plough tipped his hatand he was exhumed for wonder. When we first met he was standingbright and alone in a cold… Keep Reading

Paint and information with Joanna McCormick

I started to write this by first spending considerable time just sitting in front of the keyboard and screen thing and puzzled over how I could start an introduction to the article as I had prior experience of not trying to force it and that I should just wait until the words started to form in my head… Keep Reading

The Future’s Turquoise with Matthew Caley

Poet, raconteur and fearless psychic navigator Matthew Caley talks about his new collection ‘Trawlerman’s Turquoise. Feel some desiccated yearning for salt-water and drown on land in word-wisdom. JCM: TRAWLERMAN’S TURQUOISE sounds like there is a sea-theme to this collection. Is this more suggestive than real? MC: There’s not too much salt-water in the book. There… Keep Reading

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