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Whispers and Sine Waves in the Old Church

Dronica. A series of musical events, happening. I’ve never heard the word in any other context. It’s unique. A special coinage for something different. What does this name mean? It comes from the word drone. What is a drone? Hmmmmmmmmm You can buy a cheap one from Currys, they’re ‘a game changer for aerial photography’.… Keep Reading

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A Community of Musicians Celebrates the Coming of Summer

A drone, a hum, a whisper, a flutter, the sound of a horse in the clouds. The park behind the station in SE London’s Hither Green performs Pauline Oliveros ‘Horse Sings from Cloud’. The park sits in the sunshine, shines in the mid-May air. Accordions squeak, trumpets fuzz, vocalists buzz and flurry. The molecules are… Keep Reading

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Handel’s Messiah: A Bird’s-eye View

Making of a Cultural Classic 277 years ago, a prodigious German composer resident in England and writing in Dublin wrote a work in two weeks’ white heat of inspiration Dublin which has gained something approaching immortality in the pantheon of Western Music.  The man was Georg Friedrich Händel, and the work was The Messiah. Year after year,… Keep Reading

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