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Dangdut, Karo, Ramvong . . . Essential Listening. Paul Fisher Muses on Many Years on the Far Side of Resonance FM

Paul Fisher (Far Side Radio, Resonance FM) talks to Jude Cowan Montague (The News Agents, Resonance FM) for The Sunday Tribune. TST: Let’s start of talking about your Resonance FM show, ‘Far Side Radio’. How long has it been going? Far Side seems to have always been there, essential listening on the station, but when and how did it… Keep Reading

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The Law of Magick

Happy birthday. Blow out these candles, and make a wish. Remember, don’t tell anyone, or it won’t come true. Congratulations, we are all witches.  Consider: you draw on power awarded to you by a specific arrangement of the calendar as pertains to you personally, you have your prop upon which to focus your will via… Keep Reading

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The Blood and Gore comic book Dystopian Chronicles is back!

The extremely violent and not for the faint-hearted Dystopian Chronicles are back. The second edition of the 4 part mini series the story focuses on violence whilst the first issue was all about sex. As the author Jonathan Adams stated the third issue will be covering politics of this dark psychological thriller. The first two… Keep Reading

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The Wickerman; Immolation in Arcadia

“The Wickerman” (1973) is one of the great cult classics of cinema, it’s mesmerising imagery, enchanting soundtrack and representation of a modern heathen community has enraptured numerous devotees (not least nostalgic Gen Xers like your author, who see in the dancing maypole children, vanished versions of themselves) as well as serving as an introduction and Aesthetic… Keep Reading

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