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Battle of Barnet. The decisive moment in Wars of the Roses

On 14 th April 1471 the most important battle ever fought on English soil occurred, the Battle of Barnet, in which the forces of House of Lancaster (red rose) were defeated by Edward of York (white rose) in the 80 years long wars of the roses.  King Henry VI who founded Eton College, responsible for… Keep Reading

To plot or not to plot?

What now? What will be my next writing project?  I’ve written four true stories, with one, ‘Wrong Place Wrong Time’, the #1 BESTSELLER, with over 1,000 five star views, becoming a movie, and eight marketing books with social media marketing tips for the indie author. I’ve also penned a children’s book as part of a… Keep Reading

Open Drawer – Showbiz Interview with Sock and CB

MIAMI, USA: Exclusive Chat with Sock & Cavendish Banana. By director and Media Desk Editor Doug Haywood So at the end of 2019 has been an amazing year for you guys. What were your fave picks? Best movie? Who would you have given an Oscar too that was passed over in this year’s awards? S:… Keep Reading

Berlin and Beyond: Mind-Wandering the Missing Memorials

Monuments: Extant/Absent by Emma Roper-Evans Berlin: Walking through, going up and down, sometimes dwarfed by towering grey dolmens entombing. Then, up a cobbled lane to look over a field of graves: Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. Lying flat and grey reaching to the trees. Pick up a stone off the road, a small… Keep Reading

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