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Lockdown sounds and skronks with Rick Jensen

When I sat down and started to write this word thing about Rick Jensen I didn’t really need to ponder long about how to start with the introduction as I’d already had a brilliant idea about how to do it and he’d already supplied me with the answer anyway. So it was him who was… Keep Reading

Playing with sound and words with Justin Paton

I didn’t want to start another article by again giving details of how I know a certain person and all the rigmaroles I apparently went through to contact them and arrange a meeting, but my mind goes into a kind of non-beeping flatline when trying to come up with a new type of introduction to… Keep Reading

Sound making and sound mental health with Robbie Judkins

I didn’t really know Robbie Judkins when I first saw him play as his Left Hand Cuts Off The Right (LHCOTR) project. It was at New River Studios, so many years ago that I can only approximate the time and say plenty. Maybe ten years or something but I’m still guessing. And now I think… Keep Reading

Walking then sitting down with Gardyloo SPeW

I did a contact communication with Gardyloo SPeW because the name kept being prevalent and noticed by me in my social media things that I use although mainly the blue coloured one. It made me aware that she knows people that I know as well and I then also recalled how perhaps periodically we’d actually… Keep Reading

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