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Considering making things with Andre McClane

Even though there’s plenty going on all around and inside that can ordinarily serve to knock me off course and bring on bad feelings and suchlike, I get feelings of calm and continuity when I return to the maintaining of the writing about people that I know well or know a bit or don’t know… Keep Reading

Rain and park art talk with Martin Lau

London is a pretty big place but I guess that’s a relative question and it’s only big when compared to small things and it’s small as well when compared to other things that are really massive. To me anyway it felt a bit bigger than I normally regard it as because I took the underground… Keep Reading

Real art and turquoise with Lucinda Sieger

I was having some thinking morose about my lack of visits to art exhibitions and events and suchlike during this virus time since February when it started and I know that there’s been some of the online replacements going on and I’ve seen some of them here and there but I also had information circling… Keep Reading

Lockdown sounds and skronks with Rick Jensen

When I sat down and started to write this word thing about Rick Jensen I didn’t really need to ponder long about how to start with the introduction as I’d already had a brilliant idea about how to do it and he’d already supplied me with the answer anyway. So it was him who was… Keep Reading

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