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Anno Dracula. Interview with Kim Newman. Part 3

You know when you write, do you write to upset your readers? No, in all honesty, you don’t want to, sometimes I write about things that annoy me and assume it will annoy the reader. I don’t think that I am  particularly confrontational or gruesome writer. I did start out in thd 1980s ghd Era… Keep Reading

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Selfus Loathus part 2 is out in stores

Author of comic book series Dystopian Chronicles and Selfus Loathus Jonathan Adams has released his second issue of the horror and suspense comic Selfus Loathus. It features graphic violence and is Jonathan’s spin on the Jack the Ripper mythos. The cover artwork was made by Jonathan and Jason Atomic with a colour logo influenced by… Keep Reading

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New Comic Book: Selfus Loathus

Jonathan Adams, author of Dystopian Chronicles comic book series has published his new serial of comics with a main character Selfus Loathus. TST has talked with the author about the comic and his new projects that are going to see the light soon then we might expect. Check out the video below. Keep Reading

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