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Ancient Civilisations, Aliens and the real identity of Abraham – An Interview with Gerald Clark

Have you ever thought about who created us and for what purpose?  TST spent a mesmerising evening interviewing explorer, author and researcher Gerald Clark, on the subject of our Human origins. In his two bestselling books, Anunnaki of Nibiru and 7th Planet Mercury Rising, Gerald explores how, approximately 450,000 years ago, King Anu of Planet Nibiru sent… Keep Reading

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“Oh Devis (Goddesses)! Do not waste your lives in fashion and passion. Open your eyes.” (Swami Sivananda)

“Oh Devis (Goddesses)! Do not waste your lives in fashion and passion. Open your eyes.”  Swami Sivananda Strive for the higher life, the grand, the sublime, the only real life in the soul! Is it sufficient if you are satisfied with petty material necessities of life on earth? Let me tell you what in the ancient… Keep Reading

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Ownership: The final absurdity

I ‘own’ a tiny old house, an ageing car, several dozen boxes containing the 20 million plus words from my half century of scribbling, 4,000 books, 2,000 CDs and vinyl LPs, hundreds of pictures, artefacts and objects d’art, dozens of bonsai trees – and a shed. This supposed ownership is, of course, totally illusory. I… Keep Reading

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Preface to Origin of Mankind. Adam, the first laboratory baby

The Ancient Sumerian cuneiform clay tablets are the oldest preserved original system of writing known to man which predate all the religious sacred scriptures in human history. Some of these texts tell a fascinating story of how life on Earth began,  how gods (extraterrestrial beings called the Anunnaki-‘Those who from Heaven to Earth came’) genetically manipulated… Keep Reading

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