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Interview. Comic book artist Steven Austin

You first started work with Fanzines such as Zarjaz, could you tell me more about that period of your life? I was working as a Business Manager at a village college, had been for about 2.5 years. I found the job was becoming increasingly stressful and it started to impact on my personal life. We… Keep Reading

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Satanic Mojo Comix; An interview with a Jason Atomic

Satanic Mojo Comix is an original underground comic produced by a coven of Satanist Cartoonists which evokes and pays tribute to the spirit of classic San Francisco Underground Comix like Skull, Zap, Leather Nun & Slow Death. Thematically it is inspired by the occult revival, the rise of modern satanism, Thelema, The Process Church of… Keep Reading

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Selfus Loathus part 2 is out in stores

Author of comic book series Dystopian Chronicles and Selfus Loathus Jonathan Adams has released his second issue of the horror and suspense comic Selfus Loathus. It features graphic violence and is Jonathan’s spin on the Jack the Ripper mythos. The cover artwork was made by Jonathan and Jason Atomic with a colour logo influenced by… Keep Reading

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