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The Lasting Love for Sainte Sara

If you go to the festival in Saintes Maries de La Mer in the Camargue, Roma women will approach you to sell a trinket of Sainte Sara. The idea of buying one may be as alien to you as it was at first to me, but they need the money and you never know, you… Keep Reading

Words from the Divine Vine 2: Which God to follow?

“One God, Two Gods, Three Gods, more, How many Gods can you adore? Monotheism, Polytheism, Gods and Goddesses,  How does one connect with the chosen deity?” And it is a choice. How does one find a god or set of gods to believe in? Most believers who have a faith in a deity or two are born into… Keep Reading

Handel’s Messiah: A Bird’s-eye View

Making of a Cultural Classic 277 years ago, a prodigious German composer resident in England and writing in Dublin wrote a work in two weeks’ white heat of inspiration Dublin which has gained something approaching immortality in the pantheon of Western Music.  The man was Georg Friedrich Händel, and the work was The Messiah. Year after year,… Keep Reading

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