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Hypatia the Neoplatonist

The birth of Hypatia of Alexandria is estimated to have been between 350-370CE and her death 415CE. She was the daughter of the mathematician Theon of Alexandria. She was a Neoplatonist, mathematician, astronomer and constructed astrolabes and hydrometers, but did not invent these. She is also known to have supported the heliocentric model of the… Keep Reading

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Handel’s Messiah: A Bird’s-eye View

Making of a Cultural Classic 277 years ago, a prodigious German composer resident in England and writing in Dublin wrote a work in two weeks’ white heat of inspiration Dublin which has gained something approaching immortality in the pantheon of Western Music.  The man was Georg Friedrich Händel, and the work was The Messiah. Year after year,… Keep Reading

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Rector of St.Bride’s Alison Joyce: “You can not follow God and Mammon!

Dr Alison Joyce, who is a rector at St. Bride’s church is among Evening Standard’s Top Progress 1000 list of the most influential Londoners 2018. Being ordained for almost thirty years, during this time she experienced at first-hand many situations of untold sadness and tragedy. “But I have never for a moment doubted the existence of God, nor his presence in… Keep Reading

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