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Chris Simpson

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Rough Passage – Chris Simpson

I have been painting and drawing since school, I had a very progressive teacher for GCSE, Gloria Stock, who used to regale us with stories of mud wrestling; the great thing about her is that she also made work whilst we were, so she created a studio atmosphere. It was brilliant for students especially ones,… Keep Reading

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A Short Interview with Writer Emma Roper-Evans

Jude Cowan Montague spoke to fellow writer Emma Roper-Evans about her work. As the two inhabit a similar circle of artistic friends there were many correspondences to draw on in the conversation. Each Summer they take part in a residency in Atina, Frosinone co-organised by Jude and Chris Simpson and the Atina Arts Association. The… Keep Reading

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Love Story Family: Intimate Tales in Art

Five artists showed work relating to their personal and interior lives in a multi-cultural group show. Tisna Westerhof, Chris Simpson, Rachelle Allen-Sherwood, Eze Chimalio and Jude Cowan Montague. Rachelle Allen-Sherwood explored feelings and memories from her childhood in Japan as the offspring of two professional entertainers working abroad, an Austrian-Chinese mother and African-American father. Chris… Keep Reading

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