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Centuries of the Masculine suppression

Masculines had been suppressed for centuries. I know you didn’t expect that. We hear about the feminist movements all the time, but not masculines. Why is that? Well, it’s simple really – because we don’t know that we need to liberate our masculines. They have been presented as savages and they started to play by… Keep Reading

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Weapons of the Spiritual Warrior

We’re not talking nukes, tanks, AK-47s or even cyber-attacks. We’re not even talking psy-ops, warships, cruise missiles or any of the other destructive hardware of military action. We’re talking instead about a metaphysical arsenal of tools required to engage in an invisible, almost primordial conflict which has been playing out its endless time-loops on the… Keep Reading

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New comic book. Jonathan Adams for TST: ‘Everything is Magic!’

Author of his newly published comic book;’Dystopian Chronicles’, Jonathan Adams, who goes by the nickname ‘Frater Walpurgis’, discusses with TST how his artwork is inspired by the comic book artist Jason Atomic and magicians such as Aleister Crowley.  ‘Everything we do in our daily life is magic. Every move is magical and everything around us… Keep Reading

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