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Rough Passage – Chris Simpson

I have been painting and drawing since school, I had a very progressive teacher for GCSE, Gloria Stock, who used to regale us with stories of mud wrestling; the great thing about her is that she also made work whilst we were, so she created a studio atmosphere. It was brilliant for students especially ones,… Keep Reading

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Tales of My Granddad’s Magical ‘cello

My grandfather, Sydney Wright was a ‘cellist for 44 years with the Hallé Orchestra. This fact was a mantra of our household. The 44 years was so important I wondered if it had a magical significance. What was so particular about 44 years? It was a long time, but to children, all numbers above 10… Keep Reading

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Finnish Art Anarchism, the Guardians of the Lake Forest.

Riitta Hakkarainen and I have just arrived in the mysterious lakeside gallery of Hirvitalo, Elk House, to spend ten days making art in the forest, by the lake. It’s called Elk House as it’s on Elk Street. It’s on a migration route, an old animal path. I imagine the great beasts wandering down the street,… Keep Reading

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