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Psychic defence and spiritual possession

Spiritual teacher David Goddard is author on various books on spirituality and ancient wisdom. He also runs the Rising Phoenix Foundation, a network that provides teachings and courses on spiritual development. In the modern world negative energy is common and affects people in many different ways. It can be both given and received, many folk… Keep Reading

What happened to Secret Brotherhood of the Rosicrucian Order?

“We firmly believe that through deep meditation on the inventions of life, through the cooperation of the angels and the spirits, and through experience and long observation, our loving father C.R.C (Christian Rosenkreutz) was so fully illumined with God’s wisdom that were all the books and writings lost and the foundations of science overturned, the… Keep Reading

Words from the Divine Vine. Angels and Demons

“An angel on my shoulder guides me to the right, a devil on my shoulder causes so much blight!” Do you believe in angels? How about devils and demons? Angels, what are they? Who are they? How come some people are able to communicate with them and others have no idea they are there. The New… Keep Reading

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