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Adam and Eve

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The Hermetic-Vanetic Marriage, In Relationship To Evolutionary Mortal Marriages

The Hermetic-Vanetic Marriage, In Relationship To Evolutionary Mortal Marriages, Based Upon An Example Of The Creator Son And The Universe Mother Spirit In Complementary Relationship Just a few of these concepts come from Manly P. Hall and his Philosophical Research Society. But the majority is actually Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation and comes from Paladin. This… Keep Reading

Ancient Civilisations, Aliens and the real identity of Abraham – An Interview with Gerald Clark

Have you ever thought about who created us and for what purpose?  TST spent a mesmerising evening interviewing explorer, author and researcher Gerald Clark, on the subject of our Human origins. In his two bestselling books, Anunnaki of Nibiru and 7th Planet Mercury Rising, Gerald explores how, approximately 450,000 years ago, King Anu of Planet Nibiru sent… Keep Reading

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Centuries of the Masculine suppression

Masculines had been suppressed for centuries. I know you didn’t expect that. We hear about the feminist movements all the time, but not masculines. Why is that? Well, it’s simple really – because we don’t know that we need to liberate our masculines. They have been presented as savages and they started to play by… Keep Reading

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