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The Power of Poetry

In modern times poetry is not taken too seriously by the majority of people and has little affect on the general consciousness of society in general.   However in times gone by a much deeper significance was attached to it.  In fact the Theosophical Master KH , in  a letter dated 1881, writes that “a true… Keep Reading

The Alchemical Self-Portraits of Remedios Varo

Two of the women artists in whose books I’ve invested are Leonora Carrington and Remedios Varo. I turn to both of these books when I’m thinking about magic in painting. Remedios Varo was herself so elfin and so beautiful that you realise quite quickly that the impossibly beautiful and elegant women, with heart-shaped faces and… Keep Reading

Kindness Above Everything

A few weeks ago I bought a notebook in which to scribble my thoughts and ideas for poems etc.  On the front were the words that form the title of this short article. At first sight it may seem a trivial sentiment, but is it so? The present Dalai Lama has said that; “There is… Keep Reading

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky: DESTROYER OF DEATH

Prior to Madame Blavatsky’s dramatic esoteric revelations about the nature of human beings and the cosmos in the late 19th Century, ideas of re-birth and reincarnation – let alone karma – were virtually unknown in the West outside narrow academic and occult circles. Until Madame Blavatsky presented her trenchant and ground-breaking ideas, the Western view… Keep Reading

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