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Cable Ties. How to Make Sounds that Join People Together.

Cables are the bane of our lives. They tangle and spread. When a cable is not working it scuppers the most thought out schematic. Hardware has to be unplugged and tested. What isn’t working? More often than not, a problem comes down to a broken cable, broken inside where you can’t see the fault. So… Keep Reading


from, Singing at the Bone Tree Remembered                                                              Remember the nameless ones Who survived the kiss of glacier  The years of lean and those of plenty Whose… Keep Reading

Monkey Mind, Robot Body; the myth of AI

Debbie Elliott talked to The Sunday Tribune about her new book ‘Monkey Mind, Robot Body; the myth of AI’. Artificial intelligence is penetrating so many aspects of contemporary human life. From bionic implants to computer-enhanced brains, from robot assistants to new kinds of cyborgs AI is changing the way we live and think. Using science… Keep Reading

Mankind has Fallen. The Rise of the Antichrist is at Hand

Since the dawn of mankind humanity has been striving to overcome death. Obsessed with the mysteries and creation of life, for thousands of years we have been searching for answers on how to achieve immortality and to become god-like. Now the mystery is solved. Sort of… In the year 2011 a Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov… Keep Reading

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