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The Wickerman; Immolation in Arcadia

“The Wickerman” (1973) is one of the great cult classics of cinema, it’s mesmerising imagery, enchanting soundtrack and representation of a modern heathen community has enraptured numerous devotees (not least nostalgic Gen Xers like your author, who see in the dancing maypole children, vanished versions of themselves) as well as serving as an introduction and Aesthetic… Keep Reading

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Love Conquers All

As children we are born to love unconditionally. We love our parents, our grandparents, our siblings, friends and life until that natural conditioning is broken in us by our peers. We are hardened by the rules and regulations put on us by our parents, schooling and the unfairness of life. The innocence that was the… Keep Reading

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Boredom In A Time Of Plenty

From the furore of the brown egg that beat Kylie Jenner’s Instagram record of most-liked photo, to the growing popularity of “mukbang” – (pronounced “mook-bong”), which translates to “eating broadcast” in South Korea – a live online broadcast in which a host eats large amounts of foods while interacting with their viewers, to the teenager… Keep Reading

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