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Location, Location, Location: Jez riley French on Score and Sound, Ethics and Aesthetics

The Sunday Tribune sent a bunch of intriguing questions to composer Jez Riley French about his work and he replied in generous style. TST: You’re known for working with field recordings and composition in a variety of innovative ways. How long have you been working in this field and what led you initially to work with sound? JrF: I began… Keep Reading

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Medicine and the Muse: The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Poetry

Deborah Alma is setting up the world’s first Poetry Pharmacy in Bishop’s Castle, Shropshire. She will be dispensing poetry and art on prescription from a former ironmonger’s alongside her partner, the poet James Sheard. As the Emergency Poet, Deborah dispensed poetry as medicine from the back of a 1970s ambulance for the past seven years,… Keep Reading

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The Ultimate and Literal Deadline of Death

Achieving is hard. As a writer and comic, I am no stranger to a burning desire to achieve. Couple this with a demonstrable lack of any noteworthy achievements and one is forced to undertake an historical evaluation of achievements in an attempt to justify my own shortcomings as anything other than a simple lack of… Keep Reading

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