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One Nation Under Who?

“One Nation Under God.” Are we? Our Constitution was written by men of God, bound together by the sufferings of their forefathers in Europe over the abuse of authority by so-called “men and women of God,” who ruled with self-righteousness, just like the Pharisees did during the times of Jesus—remembering that it was the so-called… Keep Reading

The Power of Poetry

In modern times poetry is not taken too seriously by the majority of people and has little affect on the general consciousness of society in general.   However in times gone by a much deeper significance was attached to it.  In fact the Theosophical Master KH , in  a letter dated 1881, writes that “a true… Keep Reading

Writers Influences 4: Mystqx Skye on Noam Chomsky

Part of the fun of doing features on this writers influences series of features of the Sunday Tribune is the fact I never know who the writer or artist I am going to talk is coming to want to talk about. Previous features on my partner Amanda Steel talking about Stephen King being her major… Keep Reading

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