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Tales of My Granddad’s Magical ‘cello

My grandfather, Sydney Wright was a ‘cellist for 44 years with the Hallé Orchestra. This fact was a mantra of our household. The 44 years was so important I wondered if it had a magical significance. What was so particular about 44 years? It was a long time, but to children, all numbers above 10… Keep Reading

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Rock’s Backpages. Mark Pringle Believes in the Past.

Music journalism, music writing, music magazines are by their nature – ephemeral. They give news about music. What’s new on the music scene. What’s fashionable, breakthrough, the flavour of the month. Gigs. Record releases. When ephemera become archives it is a collective memory. Something strange happens. Things that you felt were important at the time… Keep Reading

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Hammond Hits. The Hot and Cold of Organ Fever.

Montague Armstrong are Jude Cowan Montague and Matthew Armstrong. In 2018 they released their first joint album, HAMMOND HITS, as a cassette release on Richard Sanderson’s Linear Obsessional label. They both talk about their love of the Hammond Organ. JUDE: We got the organ many years ago for 50 pounds from an old church hall… Keep Reading

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