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Dreaming off life on Venus with Ocean in a Bottle

A lot of the work I’ve built and constructed with my ambient / drone band Ocean in a Bottle over the past few years has touched on my love of space. This has gone off in a variety of directions – some more planned than others including two albums ‘Revocalising the Solar System’ and ‘Reimagining… Keep Reading

The Power of Poetry

In modern times poetry is not taken too seriously by the majority of people and has little affect on the general consciousness of society in general.   However in times gone by a much deeper significance was attached to it.  In fact the Theosophical Master KH , in  a letter dated 1881, writes that “a true… Keep Reading

Stairway to Stardom – with Mitch Friedman

Mitch Friedman is a very cool songwriter and video editor from New York. We met on Ray Davies’s songwriting course back in the 1990s. He is also a passionate archivist of the show Stairway to Stardom. I didn’t know what it was either, from my UK perspective. Here he explains what they get up to… Keep Reading

Tape Worm Philip Sanderson

Musician, sound artist and writer Philip Sanderson answered a few questions posed by Jude Cowan Montague. Philip is known for his duo with Steven Ball, the Storm Bugs and a long career in DIY tape sounds. The remote interview focused on two 2020 releases (link below). Rumble of the Ruins (Philip Sanderson) Pillbox (Ice… Keep Reading

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