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Tea-osophy for the beginner

TAs you sit drinking your cup of tea on a sunny spring day, do you realise what a wondrous thing the ‘amber nectar’ really is?  Well here are some pointers! Although known in the East for many centuries before, tea only reached England in the 17th century where it was regarded at the time as… Keep Reading

7 Last Sayings of Jesus dying on the Cross

Good Friday is viewed by Christians to be one of the most significant days in the History of Mankind when Jesus was crucified on the cross after being condemned by the Roman governor of Judea Pontius Pilate. Tortured and humiliated Jesus suffered unimaginable great suffering under the ruthless hand of Roman prison guards, whereafter He… Keep Reading

The Medieval Bestiary: the Eale

The Bestiary – or Book of Beasts – was a medieval compendium of animals, categorised into beasts, birds, reptiles and fish.  These manuscripts were at the height of their popularity during the C12th and C13th.  The majority of them were produced in England and were written in Latin.  Modelled directly on the Physiologus, with inclusions… Keep Reading

Walking the Dry Road

WCould causeways really be roads to the grave, a corruption of corpse ways? This was proposed to me by a friend, as we walked down a lonely causeway in late Spring. I dismissed it straight away. To me causeways have meant a road across marshland. It seems Wikipedia kind of agrees with me, talking about… Keep Reading

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