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Did Bible writers copy Noah’s Flood from the Ancient Sumerians?

Almost every ancient culture all around the world has written a story about the great flood of gigantic proportions in their religious texts that happened in our past. Many believe all these stories are connected and come from a 3rd millenium BCE source re-told and re-written over the history by many cultures. The origin of this… Keep Reading

Ancient Civilisations, Aliens and the real identity of Abraham – An Interview with Gerald Clark

Have you ever thought about who created us and for what purpose?  TST spent a mesmerising evening interviewing explorer, author and researcher Gerald Clark, on the subject of our Human origins. In his two bestselling books, Anunnaki of Nibiru and 7th Planet Mercury Rising, Gerald explores how, approximately 450,000 years ago, King Anu of Planet Nibiru sent… Keep Reading

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Written over a Dragon Skin

Nino Rota, an acclaimed composer best known for his award-winning film scores for Fellini, Zefferelli, Visconti, Coppola, collected occult manuscripts since a child. When he died in 1979 a copy of ‘Clavis Artis’ was discovered among his personal effects. His copy is one of only two illustrated editions of the manuscript held at repositories and… Keep Reading

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Gilgamesh Retold

Jenny Lewis is an Arts Council-funded poet, playwright, children’s author, translator and songwriter who teaches poetry at Oxford University. Her first poetry sequence, When I Became an Amazon (Iron Press, 1996/ Biligua, Russia, 2002) was broadcast on BBC Woman’s Hour and made into an award-winning opera, performed by the Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet Company in… Keep Reading

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