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Pierre Bonnard: The Colour of Memory (The C C Land exhibition)

Greys, Paynes, mixed, yellows, cadmium, warm, apple greens, sap greens, watery watery trees. Girls in pale colours, washed out compared to the rich landscape. A brown dog. Earthier than the landscape. Sometimes I think his people are ghosts and the landscape is more alive. This earth is on trust to us. We humans, are shadows… Keep Reading

Empire II at MACO, Oaxaca

I arrived in Oaxaca just in time to miss a performance by Lukas Avendaño which, recounted by deeply touched friends and spectators, had seemingly captured the very spirit of Mexico. But only a week after the event could I understand the significance and the symbolism of this work. On 22 February Empire II came to… Keep Reading

‘In a Land no one can Define or Remember’

Konstandinos Mahoney the poet and I stand in front of the most marvellous paintings. Otherworlds in maroons, autumn browns, golds and that powdery mid blue that is neither bright nor dull. We’re in the heart of the Edward Burne-Jones exhibition at the Tate Britain. These are the supernatural pictures of mythological alabaster giants, characters stepped… Keep Reading

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