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The Lasting Love for Sainte Sara

If you go to the festival in Saintes Maries de La Mer in the Camargue, Roma women will approach you to sell a trinket of Sainte Sara. The idea of buying one may be as alien to you as it was at first to me, but they need the money and you never know, you… Keep Reading

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Sitting in a Finnish Graveyard

I’m sitting in a graveyard in Kaleva, Tampere on one of the hottest days of the year, late July, 2019. I’m leaning against a tree. Ants are running up my arms as I’m still. I’m drawing and I’m writing some stories about the dead people surrounding me. Anne Cowan is Finnish, Anne Erkola, the wife… Keep Reading

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Whit Sunday by Sophie Duggan

Whit Sunday . Crows: flicked ink on albino pavements  Scissoring the evening air   Children go home from coloured spinning metal  . Beneath a peal of toy-church bells   Orbs of sound, they’d be pale pink and scattered  Across the patient hills, the combed-out fields  . And the sycamore trees hold out their hands   Like open palms,… Keep Reading

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