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Rock’s Backpages. Mark Pringle Believes in the Past.

Music journalism, music writing, music magazines are by their nature – ephemeral. They give news about music. What’s new on the music scene. What’s fashionable, breakthrough, the flavour of the month. Gigs. Record releases. When ephemera become archives it is a collective memory. Something strange happens. Things that you felt were important at the time… Keep Reading

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TAIVAASSA: A House Full of Sky.

Taivaassa is Finnish for ‘in the sky’ or ‘in heaven’. Pipoca (Paola de Ramos) has curated a small exhibition of international artists at the artist house Hirvitalo, or elk house, in Pispala in West Tampere in central Finland, and the title chosen by the group ties together their disparate work, connecting them with thoughts of… Keep Reading

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