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Writers Influences 16: Zack Pieper on Pierce Brown

As I have said before on my writers influences series frequently, part of the beauty of this series wasn’t just the beauty of letting the writer introduce an influence off to everybody but me sometimes too. Pierce Brown, the writer in question today certainly is not a writer I have heard off previously but Zack… Keep Reading

Discussing the breakup monlogues with Rosie Wilby

Todays’ feature on the Sunday Tribune features a brief interview with Rosie Wilby from the excellent Podcast series ‘The Breakup Monlogues who is talking about her new book of the same name. Andy N: I know the breakup monologues started off as a Podcast series, can you tell us about where this came from? Rosie:… Keep Reading

Writers Influences 14: Evangeline Rain on Jin Yong

As I know I have said before with my regular Writers Influences series on the Sunday Tribune, part of the beauty for me as well as reading people’s stories of how they found the writer that proved a massive influence on their work is discovering myself new writers who I wasn’t familiar with before. Todays… Keep Reading

Poetry forms and #NaPoWriMo with Carolyn Crossley

Today’s feature on the Sunday Tribune features a short interview with the lovely Carolyn Crossley, a wonderful poet from the Oldham area who undertook a incredible challenge which I know I wouldn’t have dare undertake for April’s NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) where she undertook the challenge of writing a poem in a different form… Keep Reading

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