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Greatest Leaders in History: Roman Emperor Trajan

Imperator Caesar Nerva Traianus Divi Nervae filius Augustus  (98–117 CE) Emperor Trajan extended the Roman Empire to the East, which turned into the biggest expansion of the Roman period. After his death in 117 CE much of the territory he occupied gradually shrank under new Emperors.  Under his reign much of the road system, bridges,… Keep Reading

Gerald Clark Immortalized; Matt LaCroix, Billy Carson, Jay Campbell, rex bear, Unfolding God-man

Gerald Clark Memorial, Please Help if you can, Thank you… Gerald Clark Website The 7th Planet… The Anunnaki of Nibiru… Gerald Clark YouTube Channel… Gerald Clarks last YouTube Video Human Energy & Light! We are IMMORTAL Light Beings!… Christa Clark, Artistic Vegan YouTube Channel… Christa Clark, Artistic Vegan… Keep Reading

The Hermetic-Vanetic Marriage, In Relationship To Evolutionary Mortal Marriages

The Hermetic-Vanetic Marriage, In Relationship To Evolutionary Mortal Marriages, Based Upon An Example Of The Creator Son And The Universe Mother Spirit In Complementary Relationship Just a few of these concepts come from Manly P. Hall and his Philosophical Research Society. But the majority is actually Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation and comes from Paladin. This… Keep Reading

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