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The Brunswick Club: An elegy

In the centre of Bristol the former working man’s club on Brunswick Square has been abandoned by as a private social club. The bar, the skittles room, the cabaret space, all no longer providing recreation opportunities. The relics of those days are all around us, posters, leaflets of events, regulations and health and safety warnings… Keep Reading

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Paris Paradox – the vernissage of JCM’s Paris Pavements

Paris the paradox. A gleaming city of gems and wealth. A netherworld of poverty and rough living. A whiff of overpriced perfume. The acrid stink of a piss-corner. Populated by givers, artists and humanitarians occupied with unique takes on equality, society, and freedom; living in peace. At the same moment, swarming with takers, shady dealings,… Keep Reading

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The Art of Auto Trance Portraits with Melissa Alley

Melissa Alley is a prominent artist who grew up in an art environment, her father being an art critic and her mother a sculptor. Melissa attended art school where she studied under Cecil Collins. TST went to Melissa’s studio to discuss her series of auto trance portraits and drawings. Melissa’s moving story of coping with… Keep Reading

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The Many Worlds of Jude Cowan Montague

Reuters Television News archivist Jude Cowan Montague was inspired to write poetry on the many news stories that she covered whilst she worked there. From this she published her first book of poems ‘For the Messengers’. Jude doesn’t just write, she has an eclectic range of interests. Trained in classical music she has been a… Keep Reading

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