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Writers Influences 15: Chris Campbell on D H Lawrence

D H Lawrence who is the featured authors’s influence by Chris Campbell from my perspective I first came across while I was doing English A Level in evening classes back in 1995, but don’t have any clear memory of what I studied. However, I do remember in 1998, while at a class at Bolton University… Keep Reading

Entering the New Mills Poetry Trail

I’ve always had a fondness for New Mills as a lovely little countryside town in Derbyshire around 13 miles away from Manchester and have had many splendid walks all there over the years. Less known perhaps is its thriving poetry scene which for the last three years have run hand in hand with the New… Keep Reading

Writers Influences 12: James Russell on Mike Leigh and Stephen King

Back with another feature for our ongoing series on Writers Influences series, today we feature the lovely James Russell who talks about his love of Mike Leigh, a playwright and director I encouraged myself originally at university more than a few years at university and whose work has always interested me since like Ken Loach,… Keep Reading

Discussing ‘The Plague and Doctor Caim’ with Geri E Gallas

Today’s feature on the Sunday Tribune is with the wonderful Geri E Gallas who is the founder / owner of Open Book Chocolates and also a writer / illustrator of graphic novels talking about her new, upcoming project ‘The Plague and Doctor Caim’. Andy N: For those who don’t you, can you tell people a… Keep Reading

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