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Helena Petrovna Blavatsky: DESTROYER OF DEATH

Prior to Madame Blavatsky’s dramatic esoteric revelations about the nature of human beings and the cosmos in the late 19th Century, ideas of re-birth and reincarnation – let alone karma – were virtually unknown in the West outside narrow academic and occult circles. Until Madame Blavatsky presented her trenchant and ground-breaking ideas, the Western view… Keep Reading

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Ownership: The final absurdity

I ‘own’ a tiny old house, an ageing car, several dozen boxes containing the 20 million plus words from my half century of scribbling, 4,000 books, 2,000 CDs and vinyl LPs, hundreds of pictures, artefacts and objects d’art, dozens of bonsai trees – and a shed. This supposed ownership is, of course, totally illusory. I… Keep Reading

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Weapons of the Spiritual Warrior

We’re not talking nukes, tanks, AK-47s or even cyber-attacks. We’re not even talking psy-ops, warships, cruise missiles or any of the other destructive hardware of military action. We’re talking instead about a metaphysical arsenal of tools required to engage in an invisible, almost primordial conflict which has been playing out its endless time-loops on the… Keep Reading

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