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Who was the real Mary Magdalene, Leonardo’ secret codes and the Knight’s Templar Holy Grail

Exclusive interview with a profound authors and researchers on our human history Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince. Both Lynn and Clive are the authors of many published bestselling books on the ancient wisdom that led them over the years to uncover-reveal to the world some of the oldest secrets hidden from the ‘eyes that cannot… Keep Reading

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Gerald Clark Immortalized; Matt LaCroix, Billy Carson, Jay Campbell, rex bear, Unfolding God-man

Gerald Clark Memorial, Please Help if you can, Thank you… Gerald Clark Website The 7th Planet… The Anunnaki of Nibiru… Gerald Clark YouTube Channel… Gerald Clarks last YouTube Video Human Energy & Light! We are IMMORTAL Light Beings!… Christa Clark, Artistic Vegan YouTube Channel… Christa Clark, Artistic Vegan… Keep Reading

Did Bible writers copy Noah’s Flood from the Ancient Sumerians?

Almost every ancient culture all around the world has written a story about the great flood of gigantic proportions in their religious texts that happened in our past. Many believe all these stories are connected and come from a 3rd millenium BCE source re-told and re-written over the history by many cultures. The origin of this… Keep Reading

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