Writers Influences 16: Zack Pieper on Pierce Brown

As I have said before on my writers influences series frequently, part of the beauty of this series wasn’t just the beauty of letting the writer introduce an influence off to everybody but me sometimes too.

Pierce Brown, the writer in question today certainly is not a writer I have heard off previously but Zack Pieper, today’s guest describes his major influence on his own work as “I would say my primary writing inspiration comes from Pierce Brown. If you dont know, he wrote this epic science fiction series ‘Red Rising’”.

“I was handed an ARC of his book outside of PAX seattle, in 2017 I think it was. “ He describes how he first became of the work of Pierce Brown “And I was instantly hooked. Pierce Writes First person present tense, until his work I had not even been exposed to that. But it instantly drew me in and held me with the hard hitting emotional reality of living life from his hero’s viewpoint. There was so much about his style and the way he structures his sentences that I found refreshing and new. He keeps it short, avoids transitional words where he can, and he hammers home emotional realities with hard hitting imagery and symbolism. Frankly I respect him as an author to the extreme, and I am unashamed to admit after reading his first novel, I rewrote the opening chapters of mine.”

“But even beyond his style, I find his personal story to resonate with me, I dont know to much about his life.” He concludes “But I know that at one point, he was living at home, with not much going for him. and then he sat down and cranked out red rising in a few short months. Which is a similar story in some ways to my own. His story is a reminder that if your work is truly great, it can pull you out of obscurity and allow you to make a living of your passion. That is my dream, to write full time. And If Pierce can do it, so can I.”


Zack Pieper is a big city man, with a country boy heart. An eccentric creative with eclectic tastes. He loves being exposed to new things, learning new things, going on adventures, and making new friends. Hobbies include, fitness, gaming, anime, hiking and outdoors activities, and howling into the abyss.

His book ‘The Garden of Lies’ can be found on Amazon under the name of Zachary A Pieper.

His Youtube channel is https://www.youtube.com/user/Zackthedalj

His page on good reads is https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/21368809.Zachary_A_Pieper


Pierce Brown is an American science fiction author who writes the Red Rising series, consisting of Red Rising (2014), Golden Son (2015), Morning Star (2016), Iron Gold (2018) and Dark Age (2019). 

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