Travelling with the Pavement Poet

As an artist myself, I’ve always balanced it with the day job writing, performing, even acting (long story), podcasting and composing my music simply trying to balance it with the day job.

I’ve known a few writers / artists who have gone on to make a living out of it – that is for sure but none like Danny Rowland aka the Pavement Poet who moves from town to town sitting there writing out his poetry on pavements using chalks making his living from it to enable him to move from town to town.

I first met him in Leeds at the end of the summer of 2019 I seem to recall when me and my partner, Amanda stood there amazed as he sat there for over half a hour writing in huge letters in chalk this incredible poem only for him to turn round and tell me with a big smile he was.

“For the past five years I’ve taken my poetry from town to town” He describes on his blog saying pretty well the same story what he told me, “and with nothing but my chalk have delivered my verse to the passerby in every English county, Wales, Scotland, Cornwall, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Catalonia, and Spain. By this point the world awaits. Or so I keep telling myself. But every single piece of my work has washed away. That is of course excluding the three permanent pieces, written on Welsh slate, signed, and sealed in a protective coating for a friend’s children.”

“For many I’ve found stumble upon my poetry the question is often the same. “Does it not upset you when your work washes away.”?” He answers in addition on his blog which I remember him well being asked the first time I saw him “Of course, as the artist my only response can be that I try not to get too attached to the things that I have created. Everything in life comes and goes, and in that sense my art is no different.”

His latest project is a Podcast series called simply ‘The Pavement Poet’ which Danny Rowland talks about his life bringing you the poetry, musings and tales of inspiration found in some altogether magical moments far away from any kind of life you may have expected.

“Artists themselves may of course know what it is I refer to.” He talks about his work on his blog “ But tragic though it seems, even where the artist takes such time to create his art in an impermanent fashion, still the profiteering hipster classes will materialise from the shadows to make money on something which essentially was created by a poor person for no profit driven purpose other than his own self expression.”

The Podcast can be heard at:

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Donations thankfully received to enable to keep on his journey:

Andy N is the author of four full length poetry collections - the most recent being the Streets were all we could see. He is also the host / creator of 'Spoken Label' - a author / writer chat series as well as Podcast series such as Reading in Bed, Comics Unity, Wrestle-Up and the Koll, Andy N and Amanda show. He also ambient music under the name of Ocean in a Bottle. His official blog is Occasionally he does sleep.