Poetry from the Grassroots with Red Medusa

Over the past year or so as soon as we went into lockdown, I’ve found myself discovering dozens of writers that I may not have discovered previously.

One such writer which came through on a recommendation from a dear friend is Mackayla, aka ‘RED MEDUSA’. Red is an academic, artist and activist hailing from Greenwich, south-east London. Having taken a 5-year hiatus from spoken word, RED exploded back onto the scene in 2020 with poems that continue to capture the sentiments of the Black Lives Matter movements and celebrate Black excellence

Rooted in Black feminisms and co-written with fashion designer Osman Yousefzada, her latest published work, titled ‘Here to Stay’, recently featured in British and international Vogue and Forbes Magazine, and explores the ways in which colonialism continues to impact the experiences of Black and Brown women around the world.

A full session with Red will follow for Spoken Label in due course, but prior to that she is doing a headline slot for Poetry from the Grassroots with Special K in addition doing a supporting feature set on Sunday 14 February 2021.

Formed by Mark ‘Mr T’ Thompson, Anglo-Jamaican, poet, performer and activist from South London and one of the founders of the Poetry In London Facebook group came up with the idea of ‘Poetry from the Grassroots’, spoken word for social justice (the tag line from their former physical event, Fighting Talk) with the co-host of that event the writer and stalwart of the performance poetry scene Steve Tasane.

More details about the event can be read here – https://www.facebook.com/events/852628365297086

More about Red Medusa be can be found at:




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