Brighton Man Debuts Album: Why is Empty Wide?

E.J. Ballard, 68, of Brighton, has debuted his album ​Why is Empty Wide? ​ today on all major streaming services. ​Ballard started his path as musician, lyricist, and poet as a young man in the height of the cultural change of the seventies. With an eclectic passion for all music types and sounds, E. J Ballard has found particular inspiration from the likes of Joni Mitchell, Peter Frampton, Mississippi John Hurt, and The Incredible String Band.

As a singer/songwriter, E. J Ballard plays electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin, the harmonica, and also sings. The influence of his musical heroes and chosen instruments is displayed throughout his compositions.

E. J Ballard

Over a decade ago, E. J Ballard was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Although it was an obstruction to playing instruments with his hands, E. J Ballard shifted his focus to computer software to continue making music. Over the past year, the disease has continued to progress and worsen, leaving him unable to pursue any further dreams of making music. Working with his granddaughter, Ayshen Irfan, 21, author of the ​Scarlet Cherie: Vampire Series,​ they have found ways of bringing the music of Ballard’s past into the future, taking old CDs and remastering them to upload onto streaming services such as Spotify, YouTube, and iTunes.

Ballard’s debut album, ​Why is Empty Wide?, ​ is his means of expressing his passion for music and sharing it with the world in a way which he didn’t before think possible. The album consists of a collection of songs dating back to the pre-noughties, and some more modern, showing the change and adaptation of his musical style. Ballard’s songs find poignant juxtaposition in their often melancholic lyricism put to the backing of jovial melody.

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