Dreaming off life on Venus with Ocean in a Bottle

A lot of the work I’ve built and constructed with my ambient / drone band Ocean in a Bottle over the past few years has touched on my love of space. This has gone off in a variety of directions – some more planned than others including two albums ‘Revocalising the Solar System’ and ‘Reimagining the Solar System’ on Off Records which took the better part of 18 months to compose and create with the help  of poet friends and stark, ambient mini tracks.

Towards over the end of this period, news broke in the middle of September of possible life on our neighbouring planet Venus. I had heard talk over the years about the talk there certainly could have being life on Mars, but news then broke that Scientists had detected a chemical – phosphine that was in the middle of the thick Venus atmosphere.

“Now that we’ve found phosphine, we need to understand whether it’s true that it’s an indicator of life,” says Leonardo Testi, an astronomer at the European Southern Observatory in Garching, Germany was quoted in Nature.com shortly afterwards and I saw a stampede in news regarding Space which was spellbinding.

Sadly, hopes have faded since of this happening but my dreams were all over the place for days until it got to the stage, I knew to write something about it. And something huge.

Originally this was going to be a sequence of poems that could well have featured in a forthcoming book but after a few more days it became apparent this was going to head in a different direction altogether. This was rather than poetry, prose, fiction or whatever but rather music and the tense, mournful howling that I envisioned in the dark, violent atmosphere became the backbone of its two tracks over the next few months.

Dreaming of life on Venus over time became more of a journey than a EP with imaginary rockets landing, radio signals playing out in your thoughts and the essence of life howling in welcome.

Something I imagined life on Venus could be.

The album can be streamed / downloaded from Slightly Off Kilter Records from 01 February 2021


Andy N is the author of four full length poetry collections - the most recent being the Streets were all we could see. He is also the host / creator of 'Spoken Label' - a author / writer chat series as well as Podcast series such as Reading in Bed, Comics Unity, Wrestle-Up and the Koll, Andy N and Amanda show. He also ambient music under the name of Ocean in a Bottle. His official blog is onewriterandhispc.blogspot.com Occasionally he does sleep.