Killing Off The Ego – Seeing The Harsh Reality Of An Artist With DrayZera

Of course, anybody who knows will know Andy N isn’t my real name. It’s close to my real name, but a slight alias just to give myself distance from all of the creative projects I undertake from the day job. I forget in my case where it came from, I think somebody mis-introduced me on stage at an open mic years back and it stuck giving myself a distance from my day job.

Taking that step if your creative career takes off under your alias is difficult as we are going to discuss through todays guest, DrayZera in the below feature specially wrote for the Sunday Tribune mental strength and makes a interesting and frank read into how hard it can be trying to make a living off being a artist for which I am grateful for his frank honesty.


Money is hard to come by when it comes to a hobby-turned living you wanted to thrive in. It’s become a difficult and arduous road to be in after being in the writing and performing universe. When I began performing at the advent of 2016, it was an accelerating rollercoaster of performances, open mics and festivals culminating in my debut collection “Broken Circuitboard” and setting the stage alight in San-Francisco a year after. However, a toxic mixture of burnout, ego and personal life caused me to derail myself from the train tracks of reality. You can dream of a pot of gold but the reality of storms of cold days comes before warmer pastures.

I want to kill my ego and cut it cold from my system.

The system is that you reach a point feeling, “Yes, I have reached a level of notoriety and claim to fame.” However, what I neglected from my nutritional brain is that personal development, mentality and focus is important. DrayZera the artist was flourishing; yet the man behind the mask was faltering fast out of control. I crash landed between 2018 and 2019 after ending 2017 with over 150 performances to my name, my impostor syndrome was skyrocketing while my mental health was diminishing.

I had to land my mind on Earth and not fester away in make-shift outer-space.

What changed in 2020 was the realisation that my finances weren’t going to be as stable as it did in the past. I took a giant leap of faith and decided to roll away from being employed by someone and instead employ myself in building DrayZera not only from a business standpoint – but also from a holistic one. It was arduous as one day in a beach town my card declined earlier this summer. It was then I bucked my trend – seeked help from Universal Credit (a system in the UK supporting self-employed, unemployed and those with low incomes) and studied and learned more in how to develop my business and brand.

There was no choice but to add more strings to my ever-learning bow.

To ensure that finances would grow and prosper in this shark-infested pandemic land, I had to learn and study website development, graphic design, marketing and more. These were all part of what I was doing with DrayZera the artist. However, I wanted DrayZera to also support those that did not have the skillset I had to support individuals, businesses and fellow artists. People may feel that I should put all my eggs in one basket and absolutely pump all my energy into one number in a roulette – I don’t want that. What I want and what I realise is that while I develop and improve myself – I also want others to join me in that journey as well.

Because that is how we grow. Together as people and together in unison.

That is how I killed my ego. Humility, reality and respect.

DrayZera’s Bio –

DrayZera, born ten years before millennia, began writing aged seven on and off. The on-switch occurred one Open Mic night in year sixteen of the millennia when the then 25 year old stepped onto stage and performed “Cherry” and “Kimono” using his then Samsung S5.

Transforming his mobile to pages of new poetry written, DrayZera debuted his first Festival “Bury Fringe All Dayer” a few months later as well as “Folkeast” Festival and having his first headline performance  all in the UK. DrayZera then stuck a deal to publish his first collection “Broken Circuitboard” for summer 2017 release. Later that year, at millenia year seventeen, DrayZera performed abroad for the first time in San Francisco’s Beat Museum’s “Tenth Annual Poetry Festival.”

Whilst continuing to perform across the land during years eighteen and nineteen of the millennia – DrayZera then, in year nineteen, released the acclaimed Spoken Word-themed film series “Psycho Lucy” filmed in the grand Roman City of Bath, United Kingdom.

At the turn of year twenty of the millennia, DrayZera dipped into another artistic medium in music in releasing his Debut Music Video “Cut Them Loose” – a tale of moving away from the tales of relationship and friendship woe alongside musical artist R.M.B. 

Since then, as 2020 roars on, DrayZera has revived the “DrayZera UNCENSORED” Podcast – Bringing forth an ally in Pro-Wrestler Jack E Hyde discussing various topics to and fro from poetry to rap and Egyptians to Aliens and more! DrayZera also released “The Palm Chronicles” series with Palmist “The Becka Mysteries” mixing palmistry and poetry in a weaving tale of mystery, intrigue and destiny! DrayZera continues to release new and cinematic spoken word content! This month, DrayZera released his BRAND-NEW latest Music Video “King Is Dead.”

What next for DrayZera? Only his fans and family – the #moonlightarmy and the striking of his pen on paper knows…

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Andy N is the author of four full length poetry collections - the most recent being the Streets were all we could see. He is also the host / creator of 'Spoken Label' - a author / writer chat series as well as Podcast series such as Reading in Bed, Comics Unity, Wrestle-Up and the Koll, Andy N and Amanda show. He also ambient music under the name of Ocean in a Bottle. His official blog is Occasionally he does sleep.