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You’re sitting in a room. It could be your study, (as I am at this moment, writing this article), it might be your kitchen, perhaps even your bedroom, and whether you’re an author, an actor, a singer, a director or a producer, you suddenly see that you’ve received a new review, on a particular platform or website, for your book, film or album. I’m a firm believer that it doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned pro at what you do, or a first-timer receiving your first ever review, the thrill is still the same. For me, even after having written and published fourteen books, when I see that I’ve received a new review on Amazon for any of my books, my heart always skips a beat. 

Does yours?

I’m on tenterhooks initially, especially if the review is the first I’ve received for a newly released book, and this is currently quite pertinent because I released my latest crime fiction book, “Write to Survive”,  just two weeks ago. Write to Survive is the second book in my crime fiction trilogy, “Write to Kill” being the first.


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So, once I’ve established that I have received a new review, I nervously, and very slowly stroll down my Amazon page, my heart beating faster with every touch of the keyboard, hoping that the review will be a positive one. Of course, I always hope to see a five star, but I’m happy with a four, even a three star, but obviously wishing for nothing less. So, as I reach the review, I do let out a huge sigh of relief when, like the one today, it is a FIVE STAR! 

My first review on Amazon for “Write to Survive” by London Crime UK and this is it…….. 

Original plot and great storyline”

“Having read “Write to Kill” I had no choice but to read this! “Write to Survive” is a fantastic follow up. I read this book in one sitting, absolutely hooked! Straight, shocking, and believable. I loved it and now can’t wait for the follow up. This is a must buy. Fantastic.”

Of course, I will be adding this on to my blog for which the number of views are increasing daily, now standing at 335,300. I have received over eighty fantastic comments about my crime fiction series, with most wanting it to be made in to a TV series, which I’m overjoyed about, but to see the first review for “Write to Survive” on Amazon being a five star is really something else.  

My fellow authors will completely understand what it feels like to receive a five star review for a book, one which has kept you plotting and writing all hours of the day and night, for weeks, months or even years. Of course, you can’t please every reader, that’s impossible, because your writing and storyline will not be everyone’s cup of tea. Talking of tea, just going to stick the kettle on. Be right back. 

Right, I’m back. So, as I was saying, of course you can’t please everyone, so be prepared to expect negative reviews. As I said earlier about seasoned pro’s, I often stalk prolific authors on Amazon, such as Stephen King, Val McDermid, JoJo Moyes, John Grisham, James Patterson, JK Rowling, Lee Child, Jeffery Archer and David Baldacci to name a few, and even these superstar authors receive negative reviews. So, for any indie author out there, like myself reading this, yes, of course it’s not nice to receive a one star review, but you’re not alone, even the best receive them.

Speaking of one star reviews, I am reminded of one that I received from America, after receiving hundreds of five star reviews for my first book, the book to movie, “Wrong Place Wrong Time” which documents my misadventures in Marbella in 1991. My then editor had warned me to be prepared for negative reviews because of the nature of the story, a true story. So, when I spotted that I had received a one star, my heart sank, but as I started to read the review, a smile appeared on my face as though it was a five star. The reason? Well, I’ll leave it to you to read…..

 “The main character heads to Spain, and I was looking forward to a Hemingway-esque travelogue. What I got instead was Austin Powers on holiday without even the added tension of Dr. Evil trying to do him harm.”

You have to laugh and I did, even though it was a one star. I’ve even promoted this review on my social media platforms to the amusement of tens of thousands of people worldwide. It shows us authors do have a sense of humour, turning a negative into a positive.  

So, when you receive a new review, no matter what the rating, just remember one thing, you’ve written a book and you’re an author. People always say they would love to write a book, but they don’t sit down and do it. You have, so be proud, and congratulations to you.

Until next time, keep on writing!  

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I'm an author of 14 books! Four true Stories, one fiction, a children's book and eight marketing books. One of my true stories, titled Wrong Place Wrong Time, about my nightmare trip to Marbella is being made into a MOVIE has been a #1 BESTSELLER on Amazon in the UK, America, Spain, Canada and Australia, with over 1,000 5 STAR reviews. The production team are Golden Mile Productions and No Reservations Entertainment. The director is Christopher Butler and the script has been written by Carol and Aileen Doherty. I am also in a few movies, nothing major but proud to be in Memoirs of a Dying Man, Mothers Child, Knuckledust and the Bollywood movies 83 and Darbar!

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