Yes, I know ‘Black Friday’ has been and gone, so let’s have a ‘White Sunday’ or should I say ‘Write Sunday’ (my editor is rolling her eyes). Anyway, up until midnight tonight,books one and two of my crime fiction trilogy, namely ‘Write to Kill’ and ‘Write to Survive’ are available to download for FREE, yes, for FREE. 

Book one, Write to Kill, follows the misadventures of a debt ridden, budding author, who gets involved with London underground boss, Mad Dog Maddox. The author commits a heinous crime for money and then starts to write a book based on his experience.

Book two, Write to Survive, finds the aspiring author, and his girlfriend Lisa, struggling to cope with the fallout from his actions. As Mad Dog Maddox lives up to his name, the couple must work as a team to survive his death threats.

Book three, Write to Live, the third and final instalment of my #CrimeFiction trilogy, is currently in the process of being written. It is set in New York. 

All you need to do is go here 

If you read the above blog post, which I’m overwhelmed to say has received over 42,000 page views, you will see the many comments from readers and their suggestions for who they would love to see play my fictional characters if, and yes, it’s a big IF, but if my crime fiction series was ever to make it onto the TV screen. Some of the actors mentioned are household names and it would be a dream come true for my storyline to be dramatized for TV. 

I have to say, some of the fine actors from the UK and America who have been mentioned, have in fact stated on social media that they would be very keen to be involved in this potential TV project. 

I hope once you have read my books, that’s if you do, and surely there can be no great opportunity than when they are available for FREE, you will perhaps feel the same as the many readers who have commented. I’d love to know your thoughts. 

On a final note, I feel I must warn you that in both books, there are some graphic scenes of a violent and sexual nature and there is a degree of bad language, but as many readers have said, that is only to be expected in a crime fiction.  

I'm an author of 14 books! Four true Stories, one fiction, a children's book and eight marketing books. One of my true stories, titled Wrong Place Wrong Time, about my nightmare trip to Marbella is being made into a MOVIE has been a #1 BESTSELLER on Amazon in the UK, America, Spain, Canada and Australia, with over 1,000 5 STAR reviews. The production team are Golden Mile Productions and No Reservations Entertainment. The director is Christopher Butler and the script has been written by Carol and Aileen Doherty. I am also in a few movies, nothing major but proud to be in Memoirs of a Dying Man, Mothers Child, Knuckledust and the Bollywood movies 83 and Darbar!

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