To plot or not to plot?

What now? What will be my next writing project? 

I’ve written four true stories, with one, ‘Wrong Place Wrong Time’, the #1 BESTSELLER, with over 1,000 five star views, becoming a movie, and eight marketing books with social media marketing tips for the indie author. I’ve also penned a children’s book as part of a community project, which coincidentally I learned just this week, has achieved a special award. So, a couple of years ago I decided to venture in to fiction for the first time. But what to write? What would be the plot? The storyline? The characters? Should I write in the first person as I’ve done previously in my true adventures? 

After making copious notes on various ideas, London locations and characters, I decided on a plot and also decided to write in the first narrative, as I hapreviously in my true stories. Just to clarify though, whilst writing in the first person, this series is most definitely not a true story, it is fiction. Crime fiction. 

The thing is, contrary to what I’ve said, I’m not really a plotter, as in writing plots and creating timelines before I’ve typed one single word. I’m a writer who plots as I type, who researches as I write, who creates dialogue as I write, much to the annoyance of my brilliant editor, Julie. But that’s the way I roll. (Editor’s note – you better not be rolling that way on book 3).

So, I have storyline in my mind and I begin to type away on the keyboard in front of me as the story unfolds in my head. 

The main character of this fiction series is a London-born, debt-ridden, aspiring author, whose previous career was in property. Like I said, this is a story of fiction and not one of my true stories, although my editor frequently comments on the resemblances between the main character (MC) and myself. Just to mention, the MC’s name is never mentioned, I don’t even know what he is called. So, the MC gets mixed up with the wrong crowd, headed by London underworld gangland boss Mad Dog Maddox, and the MC is offered a large sum of money to commit a hideous crime. He accepts. Commits the crime. He’s paid the cash, but then the trouble begins, and as he tries to deal with the aftermath and the subsequent threats from Mad Dog, he begins to write a book. 

The book begins in the lead up to the crime, and unfolds in the consequences of the fall-out. 

Another character is the MC’s girlfriend Lisa, a nurse at a London hospital, who is initially unaware of what he has done, but soon becomes deeply immersed as her own life is put on the line. There are various other characters in the book, Madeline, Jennifer, Clive, Matthew, Jake and the twins. You can meet all the character’s here.

That’s all I’m going to say about the story, I could go on, but then I’d spoil the plot for you, so I’ll leave it to you to read book one ‘Write To Kill’ and the newly released book two ‘Write To Survive’ to see if you think the plot stands. 

I must say, I got deeply involved writing this crime fiction, especially book two as I acted out the dialogue while I typed, and played out some of the scenes. Of course not all of them, otherwise I’d be writing this article behind bars. 

I’m overwhelmed by the many incredible comments on my blog from readers wanting to see my crime fiction trilogy become a Sunday night drama series on TV, and even suggesting actors to play my fictional characters if optioned for TV. 

You can read all the reviews, actors suggestions and download the books by clicking here.

I’m under very strict instructions from my editor that the third and final instalment of this trilogy will have to be plotted well before I’ve typed one single word. Without a plot and well-constructed timelines, she says, it makes editing much harder and more time consuming for her. This problem is, I’ve already written ten thousand words. 

I’ll let you know how I get on. Until next time. Keep on plotting! 

I'm an author of 14 books! Four true Stories, one fiction, a children's book and eight marketing books. One of my true stories, titled Wrong Place Wrong Time, about my nightmare trip to Marbella is being made into a MOVIE has been a #1 BESTSELLER on Amazon in the UK, America, Spain, Canada and Australia, with over 1,000 5 STAR reviews. The production team are Golden Mile Productions and No Reservations Entertainment. The director is Christopher Butler and the script has been written by Carol and Aileen Doherty. I am also in a few movies, nothing major but proud to be in Memoirs of a Dying Man, Mothers Child, Knuckledust and the Bollywood movies 83 and Darbar!

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