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Best-selling author on Amazon David P. Perlmutter teams up with our newspaper. His articles, rich stories, opinions and much more are aimed for publication on weekends. Stay tuned, exciting times ahead!

David has led a very colourful life, with some episodes so noteworthy that to date, they have produced four thrilling true stories, with more to follow, if he had his way. His editor has had to put her foot down, as some stories are just too dark. 

Away from writing and along with his girlfriend Julie, who is his editor, David is a volunteer Cancer Campaigns Ambassador for Cancer Research UK and has done multiple charity book signing events to raise money for a cause that is very close to his heart. David is also a film extra, and has featured in a few indie and Bollywood movies, tv series, corporate videos, fashion shoots and music videos. He lives in London and has four children and two grandsons, and is very close to his large family who feature in each of his books.

He started to write when he lived in Portugal nine years ago, since which time he has published thirteen books and is about to publish number fourteen. Not bad for someone who suffers from dyslexia and who had to have elocution lessons as a teen.

David’s first book, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME, a #1 BESTSELLER on Amazon across the globe, with over ONE THOUSAND 5* reviews, has been the foundation stone for his writing career, and has been and continues to be talked about all around the world. 

This story is based on true events in 1991 when David, after leaving London, because of an unfortunate police incident, visited Marbella and ended up wrongly arrested for arson and manslaughter. The reviews have been exceptional.

Next year, 2021 is set to be a very exciting year for David, as WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME is being made in to a movie, backed by a powerful production team in the shape of Golden Mile Productions and No Reservations Entertainment, and including Bafta award-winning executive producer Mark Foligno, from films such as The Kings Speech and Moon.  

David’s other true stories are FIVE WEEKS, about a trip he made to Pennsylvania for five weeks on a training course for a new job. Having had a gun to his back in London, he leaves the country, only to end up left for dead in a Pennsylvanian wood. The producers of WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME are also very keen to turn this book into a movie. 

Another true story follows David’s escapades as a 21-year-old, seeking fame and fortune in America. Entitled 24 HOURS IN NEW YORK, the clue is in the name as to the duration of his stay. 

His most recent true story is entitled 13, and outlines four significant events that happened to David at the age of 13, including a near death illness, saving a friend’s life, celebrating his bar mitzvah and coming very close to becoming the victim of someone he later discovers to be a paedophile. 

Aside from his true stories, David has written books one and two in a crime fiction trilogy, WRITE TO KILL, WRITE TO SURVIVE, and WRITE TO LIVE.

The trilogy features a debt-ridden author with writer’s block, who gets involved with the London underworld and is paid a large amount of cash to commit a hideous crime. The author writes about the crime and events, and the book goes on to become a bestseller. David assures readers that this is indeed fiction and not remotely based on David’s life, even though his life has been one drama after another. Book two, WRITE TO SURVIVE, in which the author and his girlfriend struggle to survive the fallout from the crime, will be published on Amazon this weekend (14/15 November). David is currently writing the third and final instalment of the series which is set in New York. 

The response to the first book and sample chapter of his second have been incredible, with many of David’s fans commenting on his blog (with over 36,000 specific views and a massive 325,000 blog views in total) about how unique and thrilling the plot is, how the book is a page turner and expressing their demands to see this crime fiction made in to a TV series, even suggesting actors to play David’s characters. David has actors in the UK and America who wish to feature in the TV show, if optioned. 

The blog can be viewed here 

In addition to writing true stories and crime fiction, David has also written multiple self-help books for indie authors. There are eight books in his MY WAY brand series, the majority being guides to self-publishing and book marketing on social media and featuring authors from around the world in various genres.

To visit and buy David’s books on Amazon click here.

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