Outside In – Part II

The second venue for the ‘Outside In’ show is the Old Bank Vault on Hackney Road, it runs until Sunday October 4th. One of the curators is also a featured artist Adam Isfendiyar, who, as he walked around his local area, realised how many people were trapped inside. So he put out a post in his local group asking if people would agree to be photographed in their homes through a window, on a balcony or in their doorways…He had more replies than he had even dreamed of. Each person told a little about themselves as he captured them. Some had not seen anyone for months, others were rushed off their feet shopping for neighbours/family, some even enjoyed spending so much time together when usually they were all either studying or working. A unique body of work came about capturing locals in Lockdown.

Pola Voitzik combatted the anxiety and boredom of full-on lockdown by using objects she usually put in the recycling, as well as found ones she came across on her daily permitted walk. She creates a disturbing collection of images leached of colour: Cans, bottles, shells, paper bags all set together with de Chirico intensity.

Jo de Banzie uses ancient photographic techniques to distil time and record loss. Using collodion so beloved of Julia Margaret Cameron, she photographs a cake sitting alone, half-eaten, on a table with three provocative cups: What was the celebration? A birthday,  a wedding, an anniversary?  Who was invited? Why did they leave? Sprigs of flowers curl round the edge of the table, abandoned. She captures family members at rest and play in this time stopping moment.

Writer, poet, working on expanded novel, making poetry with artists, putting work in unusual public places

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